6 Questions To Ask Your Local Roofing Contractor Before Making A Decision

Your home’s roof is like a protection barrier for your home. It keeps out the elements and helps keep you safe inside your home. When it’s time for a repair, any homeowner with a credit card and the phonebook can get a problem fixed but most homeowners would like to know the problem is being fixed correctly and for a fair price.

Unfortunately, many so-called roofing contractors set up shop in cities across the country, especially in areas that suffer extensive storm damage, only to scam their trusting customers. Other contractors are more permanent but fail to perform quality work.

So how do you know that you’re hiring the right roofing contractor? Get the information you need to make an informed choice by asking these questions.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Checking a company’s business history is one way to determine how reputable they are. A company with a good 10 years or more in the area is established. You can work with newer companies but make sure they have actually committed to their business by joining your local chamber of commerce, the Better Business Bureau or other professional organizations. Don’t take the word of some guy with a cheesy business card just because he provides a cell phone number and an estimate. Establishing a business history helps ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.

2. Do You Have Any Customer Referrals?

Any contractor who has been in business for any length of time should be able to provide you with references to at least three satisfied customers. It is typical business practice in the home service industry to build customer portfolios. They are often available on their website but some companies have paper copies of testimonials or at least survey cards. A reputable business will have no problems proving they have a history of satisfied customers.

3. Can You Provide Me with a Free Estimate?

It is good practice to get three estimates when considering any major renovation or repair to your home. Many companies do indeed provide free estimates. Sure, it costs them money to send someone out to bid a job without a guarantee of landing the job but that is precisely how construction works. It’s a business model and most companies know it. Having three estimates to compare helps you make a more informed choice, even if it isn’t always about the lowest price. You might throw out the high and low bidders, and go with the middle guy because they promised better material, faster completion, or some other aspect that is important to you.

4. Can I Get a Contract?

A contract to perform work, with an agreed price, time frame, materials and work to be done all detailed in writing is the safest way to do business. It protects you as much as the contractor. In the roofing business, it is understood that weather can prohibit progress but you want to be sure that the company isn’t putting you off for another job. Check your contract thoroughly before signing and make sure you don’t pay for the work in full until it is completed to your satisfaction.

5. Does My Roof Need Replaced or Just Repaired?

Ask this question of every contractor you allow to bid the job. If you get different answers, you might have to get a fourth opinion. Keep in mind that signs of an aging roof in need of replacement are curling edges, missing shingles, and damaged flashing. If you’ve noticed water spots on your ceilings or in corners, it’s likely your roof is leaking. If it appears in otherwise good shape, it may only need repaired. A reputable roofing contractor will be able to identify the problem. For the contractor, the advantage of repairing it rather than talking you into replacing it is to win a repeat customer for the future.

6. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Find out if the workmanship is guaranteed as well as the material. Many roofing shingles have guarantees of 20, 30 or more years. Material guarantees are different from the workmanship. If the paper or flashing wasn’t properly installed, it won’t matter that the shingles are guaranteed. You should get at least a one-year warranty on workmanship. If the contractor doesn’t offer it, ask for it. A quality roofing contractor should have no problem backing up his work.

In the video below we spoke to Henry @ Cardiff Roofers about the 3 common mistakes home owners make, when choosing a roofing contractor…..

If you are in need of emergency repair or replacement, odds are your insurance company will provide you with the name of a contractor who they have already had dealings with. In fact, if you have a limited amount of time and resources, you might want to call your insurance company and ask who they recommend.

Many roofing contractors will address most, if not all, of these questions without you needing to bring them up. Even if you do have to ask, the answers will clue you in to whether you’re dealing with a quality company. By asking these important questions upfront, you will be able to make the most informed decision and get the best results from your finished roof.

How Simple It Is to Start A Fence Company Business?


A fence company business is very simple to start and the same time very good paying. Actually, for those people who likes going out and make wonderful and functional properties you have all takes for an individual to own a fencing company business. In addition to your passion, you will also require the following for your company to succeed in business;

• Contractor law,

• Community networking and

• Business administration.

Many people have kept on asking if there is enough industry for the new and improving fence companies. Actually, according to IBS World, $6 billion per year is the revenue of the fence industry, about 41k workers, and over 21, 000 companies. Thus the fence industry is very big.


Image & Work provided and carried out by Vinyl Fencing Tampa

Actually, Freedonia Group suggests that there are many other factors which will lead to further increase of this industry. These factors include;

• Increase in building activities,

• Upswing residential construction,

• Remodeling, and

• Security needs.

Consequently, the total market amount for fence company business by the year 2018 is expected to be about $9 billion, thus showing how promising the business is in terms of turnover ratio. The value of starting capital for this business is between $2, 000 and $10, 000 as compared to the large amounts required for the starting of other types of businesses.

To start this type of a business you require;

• Construction helpers,

• Bookkeeping,

• Accounting,

• Tech savvy,

• Payroll system, and other requirements. Therefore, fence company business is the simple and with the greater turnover ratio on your capital, thus you can invest this industry as many as you can.

This article was provided to Neem Onya by fencing Cirencester

Simple Steps To Start A Damp Proofing Business


Start from scratch. Even the biggest problems are solved when they are broken into small steps. The same rule applies here. Who knows, maybe your small business can develop to an extent that, one day, you will become the employer. You should carefully devise a plan if you want to start a damp proofing business. Here are some guidelines:

Learn the skill

Get in touch with some experts who already have great experience in the business. Ask them if they are willing to teach you. Make time to get the necessary knowledge. The video below courtesy of damp proofing Cambridgeshire provides an insight into learning the tricks of the trade


Starting your own business usually entails investments. If you don’t have the funds, get a loan. Sacrifices have to be made.

Set Up Base

Find a suitable place, close to the city and the people all around.


To avoid later inconveniences, seek the authorization from the relevant offices, so they can allow you to go ahead with the damp proofing business.

Recruit The Right People


A dedicated staff is essential for a success. Find someone who is eager as you and has some experience or is willing to learn.

Price Your Services Competitively

The cost of services has to be authentic. Choose prices depending on the job quality.

These simple tips can be helpful in reaping the fruits of success and starting a successful damp proofing business.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Funeral Home?


Unfortunately funeral homes are big business. In this article for Neem Onya, we spoke to representatives from Peaceful Preserve to find out the true cost of starting a funeral business and entering this highly lucrative industry


Location is the most crucial requirement to start a funeral home. You will need good pace for visitation, office and funeral. You will also need a separate area for cremation and you will need a separate space for display. Along with that parking is also important. The cost of the space may vary from your location preference.


There are various equipment’s needed for running a funeral home. These equipment’s can include hydraulic lifts, refrigerated storage, embalming table, cremation machine and much more. So, it is advised that when you explore the cost of funeral home, then make sure you do evaluation after doing proper research.

Fixtures & Fittings:

In your funeral home, you will have to setup a funeral area that will need different kind of furniture. The cost of the furniture’s will vary depending on your selection and size of the area that you create. But this is certain that you will have to do the evaluation for that as well.



You may need few vehicles for starting a funeral home. Out of these various vehicles a limousine would be one of the most basic vehicles. Other than this, there could be some other vehicle need as well. The cost could go to ten’s of thousands of dollars, so make sure you keep that as well in your mind.


You will have to get different kind of insurance for your vehicle’s, your property, and other things. This would be a recurring cost and you will have to make sure you pay attention to this as well. Many people ignore this basic thing and they fail to make profit from their business.


In your funeral home, you will need various supplies that include embalming fluid, caskets, clothing, makeup and various other things. The cost of these supplies will not be certain for all the people, but with some negotiation you can find the best price. However, you will need to remember these things as well.


In addition all the other things’ it is also important that you will have to do the promotion of your services. If you would not do the promotion, then people will not know for same and they will not contact you. So, make sure you think about the promotion as well while planning for your funeral home and its cost.


Window Tinting – Is It Possible To Set Up A Business In This DIY Industry?

Many assume that car window tinting can be done easily and effectively. Many do-it-by self-kits are available in the market. It is true that these kits cost less than professional tinting solutions through a team in a tinting company.

But it should be noted that tinting for the first time without help and any knowledge can damage the expensive glass on one’s vehicle. To avoid this one can look out for professional window tinting company. Here five reasons why it would be best for you to rely on professional help when dealing with such situations

1. They provide solutions per the customer requirements:

Window tinting is a complex job and professionals take time and energy and meticulous measuring while providing their customers with the best in tinting. Doing it by oneself can leave the glass looking unclear and the tints looking crinkled and shabby. That is not how one wants their car to look. Besides having done a shoddy job can interrupt the clear view of the road and disrupt driving. Professional window tinting company provides with all solutions regarding tinting as per the customer requirements. From very light tints to complete coverage through dark black tints.

How to triple your profits by Window Tint Las Vegas

2. They have the knowledge about what’s the best for you.

Depending on the purpose, they can recommend or suggest the type of film use for your car, home or building. The type of films varies on the standards to be met. There are those who want to use these films for privacy while others want to focus more on durability. These companies will guide you through the types of films for your window tinting needs and will help you decide whether which would match the job the best.

3. Possess many high-end measuring tools:

Professionals also possess many high-end measuring tools to give precise results through Cleveland Window Tinting. Thereby showing excellent work and results that are satisfactory to the customer. They also know the best glue to use while tinting, that lasts longer and bears through the worst weather.

4. Professionals can choose the best quality tints:

The customer needs to be aware that all vehicles are not made the same. The shapes of glasses are different, so are their textures. One would assume that it would not be tough to apply a sticker to a piece of glass. In reality, tinting is not that easy of a job.

Due to varying glass sizes, shapes, textures and curves, only professionals can choose the best quality tints before applying them to the vehicles. Before choosing, the staff will inspect the glass and use tint films that are highly suitable for any particular vehicle. Due to their time and experience in the field, they are the best judges when it comes to tinting services.

5. They have experienced workforce to do the job:

Professional companies have the license to operate such kind of business. Thus, they hire only the best of the best. They have a team of experts who can efficiently do the job for you.Films are quick to install, but it requires a person with an eye for detail and a lot of patience to perform this task. If you don’t possess these qualities, better seek professional help.

The Rise Of The Luxurious Co-Working Space Business In Sydney & Beyond!


Sydney is home to a new trend in business, the co-working space. Co-working space is working space that is shared with several businesses. It is ideal for new companies or companies looking to break away from the traditional mold and thrive in a a working environment proven to increase productivity.

The shared spaces range in price depending on the amenities they provide. However, all of the co-working spaces in Sydney offer luxury.

Each co-working space in the city offers a variety of amenities including: high end kitchens, whisky cabinets, and even photography studios among others. Beyond the extras provided in the space, companies working in the same quarters can benefit from one another.

Video via Aeona

The spaces provide a community of like-minded individuals, most likely with similar goals. Through this shared space it is possible to produce new creativity.

In general, these office spaces tend to be brightly lit with a modern feel. The co-working space concept is definitely an experiment in office layout. For young creatives, I am sure the up-scale and well thought out spaces, create a more productive work space.


How To Start A Wood Flooring Business From Scratch!


Professional wood flooring courtesy of Timber Flooring In Brisbane

For many wood flooring professionals, taking the leap and starting up in business is a huge step.

Sure you know how to lay beautiful floors, but finding enough customers to make your business successful and dealing with tax and employees is often a whole new ball game.

You also need to consider funding, do you know how much money the business will take to set up? Do you know how much the equipment will cost? Do you have to buy it outright or are there leasing & renting options?

In this guide we will take you through the process of setting up a timber flooring business step by step.

1. Attain the skills

The first step is to learn the installation, sanding, repairing, staining and restoration of the wood floor. Even if you want are going to hire the highly skilled staff, you need to know everything if you want to start the business. Take the training from the experienced ones in a reputed company.

2. Research

Study a lot about the business, so that you know anything and everything about that field and gain an in-depth knowledge.

3. Budget

Decide the amount of money you can invest in this business so that you can work accordingly in the coming steps without exceeding the budget.

4. License

Acquire the licenses and certificates needed to run this business. Also, get the insurance and keep the papers ready.

Public vs Private Companies Explained

Over the past few weeks we have uncovered a slight confusion within our reader base on the actual difference between public and private ltd companies.

In this latest post, we wanted to explain very simply the subtle differences that make both companies very different.

A privately held or unlisted company is an organization run by non-governmental entities or by a small number of shareholders or members.

Courtesy of Copa Star

Most importantly in a private company the shares are offered, traded and exchanged in private instead of trading the stock to the public through stock market exchanges like public companies

Private companies are allowed to hide information from the public and their competitors since there is no accountability clause.

Private companies are dependent on profits and revenues earned by themselves, their chances of expanding their operations and venturing into newer domains are very limited.



A publicly traded company or a public company offers its stocks to the general public through stock exchanges or market makers earning the confidence of investors. Normally, the stock market sets the value of these shares based on the price range decided by the underwriters. However, publicly traded companies are different from publicly owned companies. While the former is under private ownership, the latter is owned by the government

Very public company has to provide periodic information about the finances and profits. SEC mandates an annual submission of Form-10K, which consists of detailed information regarding the company’s performance in the previous year. On the flip side, all public companies need to perform extensive paperwork and bookkeeping.

Investor confidence in public companies is higher. This is due to some factors. First, public companies are supported by underwriting investment bankers who buy a major chunk of the shares.

Secondly, the stock market sets the value of the shares based on the price range set by the underwriters. Hence, investing in a publicly owned company is always safer.


Public companies can easily design their exit strategy since they have the capital to bear the expenses of this shift. For instance, they no longer have to fear a financial upturn which may stop the transition midway.

The public nature of the company ensures accountability. As soon as a share is bought, the company becomes answerable to its stockholders.

Starting A Fire Protection Equipment Service And Repair Business


The fire protection industry is currently booming.

With the introduction of domestic sprinkler systems and the fact they have been proven to save far more lives than any other fire protection system currently available on the market, this is one area of the industry that is currently growing and a great time to start up in business within.

Planning to open a fire protection equipment service and repair business?

These is what you should know before you embark on it. Always consider writing a good business plan first .

This fire protection business set up guide will really assist you if you desire to venture into this business.

Business plan software

When there is no time to do so employ a business plan software .

This software solution is an excellent tool for fire protection service and repair business owners who knows why a good business plan is essential when time is a limiting factor.

Before starting a fire protection equipment service and repair business anywhere, consider finding how many people are there to compete with.

Seek advice from the experienced entrepreneurs

Eager to start a fire protections equipment service and repair business! borrow advice from those who have been in this business for a long time but not among your competitors.